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Q&A: Command to launch the Docker MetroAE Container


In the GitHub repo the refers to the metroae command being used to launch the container as well as initiate automation deployments and workflows within.

How can the container be launched from the command line with command examples?


When you run the command:

metroae pull

The command will try to pull the container from an internal Nokia Docker repository first. If that fails, the command will fall back to pulling the container from an S3 bucket archive. In both cases, the result should be the presence of the metroae image on your Docker host.

The next step is to execute the command:

metroae setup

This will prompt you for some setup information about how you’d like to operate. Included in that information are the image and data paths. The image path is where metroae should go looking for image files, such as QCOW2 and RPM files. The data path is where the documentation will be copied, a default deployment will be created, and all your deployment information will be stored. Due to SELinux limitations, we have chose to append metroae_image and metroae_data to the paths you create. Therefore, after setup, you will need to copy your image files to the metroae_image directory (or let metroae unzip do it for you).

Next you are ready to try an install. Edit the deployment files under metroae_data and run one of the metroae workflows, such as:

metroae install_everything
metroae upgrade_vsds my_deployment_name