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Tag: deployment

Q&A: Command to launch the Docker MetroAE Container

Question In the GitHub repo the refers to the metroae command being used to launch the container as well as initiate automation deployments and workflows within. How can the container be launched from the command line with command examples? Answer When you run the command: metroae pull The command

Can’t use jinja2 in deployment files

We recently saw a problem where a user was having trouble doing an install via ./metroae install_everything. The problem: metroae was completing without doing anything. In the output, every component type displayed a message like this: [WARNING]: Could not match supplied host pattern, ignoring: vstats PLAY [vstats] ****************************************************************** skipping: no hosts

Invalid data failure: What is required input data?

We recently had a user stumble over input data validation. In MetroAE v3, all input data in your deployments folder is schema validated. This means that every file in your deployment must conform to the schema. This includes required data. In the case under discussion, a user sent us their

{{ dns_domain }} in build_vars conversion and clearing corrupted inventory

Jinja2 substitution in deployment files is not currently supported.  Many build_vars files included “{{ dns_domain }}” tags.  In the v3.0.0 convert_build_vars_to_deployment script, it carried these substitutions into the deployment files and thus corrupted them.  This is fixed in v3.0.1 to perform the substitution beforehand. If the inventory is corrupted, the

Converting from build_vars.yml to deployments for Croxley

With the introduction of Croxley, MetroÆ supports a new, schema-validated method of user input. The implementatino is such that now each section of the old build_vars.yml file now has its own file: vsds.yml vscs.yml common.yml and so on As an aid to hep you convert from the older format to