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MetroAE Version 5.0.0 is now available

We are pleased to announce the GA of the latest feature update to MetroAE, v5.0.0.

Here is the full release info:

Release Info

  • MetroAE Version 5.0.0
  • Nuage Release Alignment 20.10
  • Date of Release 4-February-2022

Release Contents

What’s New

  • MetroAE now requires Ansible 3.4.0 and Python 3
  • There is a new container mode of operation, replacing the existing container
  • Detailed procedure for migrating from MetroAE v4.6.x to MetroAE v5.0.0 can be found in

Feature Enhancements

  • Predeploy NSGV without vsd license file (METROAE-497)
  • Added support for hardening Elasticsearch nodes (METROAE-486)
  • Allow custom configuration of RAM, CPU and Memory for VSD and VSTAT (METROAE-477)
  • Run VSD Database pre-upgrade checks (METROAE-428)
  • Support NFS server config using MetroAE(METROAE-557)
  • Webfilter should optionally use HTTP Proxy (METROAE-493)
  • Add support for encrypting credentials in Excel spreadsheet (METROAE-552)
  • Add Ansible 3.4.0 support (METROAE-344)
  • Allow installing/renewal of VSTAT(ES) licenses during install, upgrade and standalone (METROAE-591)

Resolved Issues

  • Check for ejabberd license expiry (METROAE-505)
  • Added support install of SD-WAN portal without the SMTP address(METROAE-492)
  • Fixed yum lock timeout issue when installing packages in KVM (METROAE-507)
  • Replacing known_hosts module mgmt_ip to hostname (METROAE-481)
  • Remove unnecessary debug lines from vsc-health (MetroAE-541)
  • Fixing vsd-destroy to destroy old and new VMs (METROAE-504)
  • Fix MetroAE errors while deploying using SSH Proxy (MetroAE-574)
  • Fixed Check passwordless ssh from metro host to hypervisors and components ( METROAE-520)
  • Added ES servers to NUH GUI ( METROAE-491)
  • Fix NUH install on 20.10.R5 (METROAE-490)
  • Fixing message issue for docker pull(METROAE-527)
  • Install NUH optionally without DNS entry (METROAE-375)
  • Add procedure for NUH copy certificates if installed before VSD(METROAE-559)
  • Create NUH users and certs for NSG bootstrapping (METROAE-487)
  • Enhance check to accept both access_port_name and access_ports variables being undefined (METROAE-585)
  • VSTAT VSS UI should be set for all VSTATS (METROAE-580)
  • Remove Old MetroAE container support (METROAE-564)
  • Fix MetroAE VSD in-place upgrades for custom credentials (METROAE-586)
  • Make changes into documentation for supporting ansible version upgrade and new container(METROAE-588)
  • Document where credentials are used(METROAE-532)
  • Fix MetroAE inplace upgrade from 20.10.R6.1 to 20.10.R6.3(METROAE-590)
  • On applying branding to the VSD jboss restart should happen serially (METROAE-597)
  • Clean up temporary ISO file on VSD after mounting (METROAE-598)

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