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Essential Information about MetroAE Features v4.3

MetroAE v4.3 is officially available! It is available in both container and GitHub repo forms. New features include:

  • Add support for deploying using Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx) files
  • Hosts and clusters folder support for vCenter
  • Add hook location for custom external certificates
  • Add support for IPv6 NUH install
  • Add support for Stats-Out VSD deployments
  • Add example for CSV input spreadsheet
  • Support in-place upgrades for Geo-redundant VSD
  • Moved MetroAE container to DockerHub
  • Support for downloading container image from DockerHub
  • Add NUH enhancements for VRRP, NTP, and other NUH config
  • Add support for updating MetroAE script during container setup and update
  • Add support for configuring IPv6 environment in vCenter
  • Make MetroAE scripts compatible with Python 3

Resolved issues include:

  • Add support for IPv6 NUH install
  • Add NUH deploy changes for license install prior to config
  • Allow VSC to be specified without System IP address
  • Fixed issue with VSD lockout of iptables during VSC upgrade
  • Fixed static route gateway issue in VNSUTIL
  • Fixed issue with SD-WAN Portal configuration
  • Skip testing for NSGv bootstrap complete when using activation link bootstrap method

The full release notes are available on the GitHub repo.