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MetroAE Offers Flexibility for Install

Read more about how to Install Nuage Components with MetroAE within the Documentation.

Install Everything

MetroAE workflows operate on components as you have defined them in your deployment. If you run a workflow for a component not specified, the workflow skips all tasks associated with that component and runs to completion without error.

Deploy all specified components with one command as follows:

metroae-container install everything

Install Individual Components

MetroAE offers modular execution models in case you don’t want to deploy all components together. For example, you can install VSD components using:

metroae-container install vsds

Install Step-By-Step

MetroAE has a complete library of workflows, which are directly linked to each individual role. You can limit your deployment to a particular role or component, or you can skip steps you are confident need not be repeated. For example, the equivalent of metroae-container install vsds is the following:

metroae-container install vsds predeploy
metroae-container install vsds deploy
metroae-container install vsds postdeploy

To limit your deployment to a particular host, just add --limit parameter:

metroae-container install vsds predeploy --limit ""