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Get Started

Get Started with MetroAE

Use the command metroae wizard to run the wizard, which will automatically walk you through these setup steps to start using MetroAE. You can also Read the Documentation to complete these simple tasks manually.

Set up MetroAE Host

Set up MetroAE Host

We recommend that you dedicate a server or virtual machine for it.

Enable SSH Access

Enable SSH Access

Passwordless SSH must be configured between the host and all target servers, a.k.a. hypervisors.

DNS Required

DNS Required

MetroAE uses DNS to resolve any hostnames you have specified in the deployment.

Prepare your Environment

Prepare your Environment

Unzip Nuage files, complete the checklists for target servers, and confirm reachability.

Setting Up the Environment

Use Docker or a Github Clone
Before Installing Nuage Networks components, you have to setup the environment for MetroAE. You have the options of using a Docker Container or a Github Clone. Both options will allow you to fully use MetroAE once the setup is completed.

Using the Docker Container

The MetroAE Command

The metroae command is used both to manage the container and to execute MetroAE inside the container.


All prerequisites met. Your only requirement is to run Docker engine

Convenient Data Location

No need to get inside the container because your data is located in the file system of the host where Docker is running.

Using the Github Clone

The MetroAE Command

The MetroAE command is used to execute MetroAE when using the GitHub clone.


Enterprise Linux 7 (EL7) CentOS 7.4 or greater or RHEL 7.4 or greater. Permissions to install necessary required packages for MetroAE.

Convenient Data Location

Your data is located in the filesystem where your GitHub clone is located. Plus, you have access to all the MetroAE source code.

Customizing Your Deployment

Deployments are component configuration sets. You can have one or more deployments in your setup. You can customize the deployment files for your workflows using any of the following methods. When you are working with the MetroAE container, you can find the deployment files under the data directory you specified during the setup. Whether you are using the GitHub clone or the container, the files within each deployment directory describe all of the components you want to install or upgrade.

Default Deployment

Edit the files in the default deployment.

New Directory

Edit the files in a new deployment directory that you have created.

The Wizard

Run metroae wizard to let MetroAE create or edit your deployment.

MetroAE Spreadsheet

Create your deployment using the MetroAE spreadsheet (CSV file).