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Disaster Recovery

MetroAE offers robust disaster recovery options

Backup and Restore

MetroAE supports backup and restore for VSD and VSC.

There are two ways of using the backup command:

  • Use metroae-container backup everything to back up all supported components
  • Use metroae-container backup <component_type>to back up a specific component.

Restore installs a fresh copy of the components being restored. There are three ways to execute MetroAE restore:

  • Use metroae-container restore everythingto install and restore all supported components
  • Use metroae-container restore <component_type>to install and restore an individual component type (ex. metroae-conatiner restore vsds)
  • You can use a combination of MetroAE commands to do a step-by-step install and restore. For example:
    • metroae-container restore vsds predeploy
    • metroae-container restore vsds deploy
    • metroae-container restore vsds postdeploy

Detailed information can be found in the documentation here.

HA Installation and Upgrade

MetroAE offers the installation and upgrade of VSP components in High-Availability (HA) configurations:

  • VSD Active/Standby Cluster
  • VSD Geo-Redundant Cluster
  • VSTAT Active/Standby Cluster
  • VSC Primary/Standby Pair
  • NUH HA Configuration

You can use the command metroae-container vsd failover to execute a VSD cluster failover. This operation will make the current standby cluster the active cluster and attempt to make the current active cluster the standby cluster. More information can be found in the documentation.