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Automatically upgrade your Nuage Networks
components with a single command or
step-by-step with MetroAE.

Upgrade Everything

Upgrade all specified components with one command as follows:

metroae upgrade everything

Upgrade Individual Components

MetroAE offers modular execution models in case you don’t want to upgrade all components together. You can use the command:

metroae upgrade vsds

to upgrade VSD components and

metroae upgrade vscs

to upgrade VSC components.

Upgrade Step-By-Step

You have the flexibility to mix and match appropriate workflows to upgrade your deployment. For example, the equivalent of metroae upgrade vsds for a standalone deployment is the following:

metroae upgrade preupgrade health
metroae upgrade sa vsd dbbackup
metroae upgrade sa vsd shutdown
metroae install vsds predeploy
metroae upgrade sa vsd deploy
metroae upgrade sa vsd complete

Rolling Back

In certain cases, you can use MetroAE to rollback or restore a stand-alone VSD or VSD cluster to its original version outside of the normal upgrade path.

If your upgrade or your existing VSD has failed and you want to roll it back to the pre-upgrade original version of the VSD without losing your VSD configuration, MetroAE can help. For more information read the documentation.