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MetroAE v4.5.0 is Now Available

We are pleased to announce the GA of the latest feature update to MetroAE, v4.5.0. This update includes several upgrade enhancements, including:

  • Support for upgrading a stats-out deployment
  • Support for patching to 20.10.R4
  • Support for upgrading SD-WAN Portal

Plus more. Here is the full release info:

Release info

  • MetroAE Version 4.5.0
  • Nuage Release Alignment 20.10
  • Date of Release 06-July-2021

Release Contents

Feature Enhancements

  • Added support for upgrading inplace VSD after the installation of VSD is finished (METRO-235)
  • Add support for Encrypted plugin variables for Metroae (METROAE-372)
  • Added copy-sshid command automatic to copy ssh key to VSDs and VSTATs(ES) (METROAE-419)
  • Added support for upgrading to 20.10.R4 (METROAE-406)
  • Added support for upgrading SD-WAN Portal (METROAE-126)
  • Added Support for Stats Out Major/Minor and Inplace Upgrade (METROAE-347)

Resolved Issues

  • Added playbook and menu option to run security hardening on VSD after the VSD installation (METROAE-328)
  • Added playbook for portal deployment, this is deployment in an already created VMs for portal (METROAE-273)
  • Fixed NSG package Unzipped Twice (METROAE-415)
  • Added ansible reset connection to fix VSC connectivity issues
  • Fix openstack ssl connection error (METROAE-425)
  • Add option to skip disable stats collection during VSTAT Upgrade (METROAE-430)
  • For VSD upgrade check for 3 tar.gz files and not 3 files

You can always find out more about MetroAE:

The MetroAE website

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