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Essential Information about MetroAE Features v4.0

MetroAE v4.0 is officially here!

It is available in both container and GitHub repo forms. Some of the bigger changes:

  • No more MetroAE RPM for container management. Just grab the ‘metroae’ script from the repo, copy it to your Docker host, and run. If you have an existing container, grab the new script and run ‘metroae container update’ and we’ll do the rest. If you want to spin up a new container, try ‘metroae container setup’.
  • The ‘metroae’ command line has been refactored complete with a help system and optional tab completion. It is backwards-compatible with v3 metroae, and it also has a whole new command structure. Get the new script and run ‘metroae —help’, ‘metroae install —help’, and ‘metroae upgrade —help’, just to name a few, to find out more.
  • Added VSD cluster performance tests
  • Support multiple underlays on VSC
  • Provide a way to download the container in tar format for air-gapped applications: ‘metroae container download’
  • Support up to 3 interfaces on NUH
  • Added Discovery to the Wizard so that we can extract deployment data from your existing VSDs
  • Support patch upgrade to 6.0.5
  • Support Ansible 2.9
  • And much more

The full release notes are available in the GitHub repo.

We also hosted an information session for v4.0 content. You can watch the video below:

As always, you can find us online at: