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Recovery from check-node-running fails if VM is running but node not reachable

MetroAE tests to see if a node is already running before it tries to instantiate it. For example, if a VSD is up and running, we will skip the vsd-predeploy step, saving you time. One of the conditions that can cause the check-node-running task to fail is if both of the following conditions are true:

  • The VM is running
  • The IP address of the VM is unreachable

If something goes wrong in the predeloy phase, leaving the VM running but unresponsive, you can find yourself unable to make forward progress. This is because the VM is, in fact, running, but can’t be reached or operated on.

The remedy for this condition is to run a destroy operation, e.g. ./metroae destroy_vsd. This will clean up the VM and allow you to make progress.