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Tag: vsd

fallocate: Operation not supported

The VSP Install Guide makes a best-practice recommendation to use the fallocate command on a Linux hypervisor when copying the qcow2 image file. fallocate will tell the file system on the hypervisor to pre-allocate disk space for the file, preventing a potential out-of-space error as the qcow2 grows. The Install Guide recommends that we

Not enough memory on KVM

Our lab machines tend to have small memory sizes. When we do our testing, we often ‘cheat’ by allocating less RAM for Nuage VMs that we spin up on hypervisors. This is *Not* acceptable in a production environment, but can be useful in a PoC or lab/test setup. Modifying the

libvirt Error reading QCOW2: Permission denied

We faced a scenario in our lab that may be of interest to some of you. We re-purposed an old bare-metal server running CentOS 7.3 as a hypervisor/target server for a MetroÆ test. On our first attempt to install a VSD, we ran out of space when we copied the

Converting from build_vars.yml to deployments for Croxley

With the introduction of Croxley, MetroÆ supports a new, schema-validated method of user input. The implementatino is such that now each section of the old build_vars.yml file now has its own file: vsds.yml vscs.yml common.yml and so on As an aid to hep you convert from the older format to