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Automatically upgrade your Nuage Networks components with a single command or step-by-step with MetroAE.

With MetroAE, you have the flexibility to automatically upgrade all Nuage Networks components at once with a single command. Issuing the appropriate workflows will upgrade all the components that you defined in the deployment.

You also have full control of the timing of the upgrade process and you can add custom steps as needed, when you use the MetroAE option to upgrade each component in individual steps. The upgrade process varies slightly for stand-alone and clustered components.

Rolling Back or Restoring VSDs

In certain cases, you can use MetroAE to rollback or restore a stand-alone VSD or VSD cluster to its original version outside of the normal upgrade path.

If your upgrade or your existing VSD has failed and you want to roll it back to the pre-upgrade original version of the VSD without losing your VSD configuration, MetroAE can help.

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