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Author: Aditya Suresh

Essential Information about MetroAE Features v4.3

MetroAE v4.3 is officially available! It is available in both container and GitHub repo forms. New features include: Add support for deploying using Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx) files Hosts and clusters folder support for vCenter Add hook location for custom external certificates Add support for IPv6

How to Install the MetroAE Container

Prerequisites: Operating System: Enterprise Linux 7 (EL7) CentOS 7.4 or greater or RHEL 7.4 or greater Locally available image files for VCS or VNS deployments Docker Engine 1.13.1 or greater installed and running Container operations may need to be performed with elevated privileges (root, sudo) Steps:

Everything You Need To Know About MetroAE Config

With the release of MetroAE v4.1 comes MetroAE Config, the newest tool in the MetroAE platform. MetroAE Config is a command-line-driven tool that allows users to create and delete VSD configurations. Documentation can be directly downloaded under the “Documentation” dropdown on the website homepage as

Essential Information about MetroAE Features v4.1

MetroAE v4.1 is officially available! MetroAE is now comprised of MetroAE Deploy, which is what MetroAE previously referred to, and MetroAE Config, a new tool used for configuring the VSD. MetroAE Config has also been released publicly, information about it in a blog post and