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How to Install the MetroAE Container


  • Operating System: Enterprise Linux 7 (EL7) CentOS 7.4 or greater or RHEL 7.4 or greater
  • Locally available image files for VCS or VNS deployments
  • Docker Engine 1.13.1 or greater installed and running
  • Container operations may need to be performed with elevated privileges (rootsudo)


1. Get a copy of the latest metroae script:

You can also copy the script out of a cloned workspace on your local machine. You can copy the metroae script to any directory of your choosing, e.g. /usr/local/bin. Note that you may need to set the script to be executable via chmod +x.

2. Run MetroAE setup to pull and setup the latest MetroAE container :

metroae container setup

Detailed information about the setup process and running MetroAE within the container can be found within the and documentation files. The documentation can be accessed on the MetroAE GitHub repo or directly downloaded from the top of the website homepage.