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vsd_health error on JMS: http instead of https

Recently, a MetroAE user reported seeing the following error when running vsd_health:

TASK [vsd-health : Verify that JMS gateway is reachable on Master Node] ********
fatal: [ -> localhost]: FAILED! => {“changed”: false, “content”: “”, “failed”: true, “msg”: “Status code was not [200]: Request failed: “, “redirected”: false, “status”: -1, “url”: “”}

He also reported that he was able to use curl to manually verify using http instead of https:


What’s interesting about this is that according to Nuage documentation, the JMS server uses port 61616 for HTTP and 61619 for HTTPS.

We went back and forth, trying different things. Eventually, the user checked his proxy settings. The problem was, in fact, the proxy intercepting the HTTPS request. When the proxy was disabled, vsd_health passed.